Assistance with Provincial Programs

Jim and his staff are here to help

 Jim's constituency offices in Collingwood and Alliston are meant to provide help to the residents of Simcoe-Grey who are experiencing difficulties with provincial agencies or who have questions about the way their provincial government works.

Any Simcoe-Grey constiutent can call, write, or email Jim's office about a problem with a provincial agency. The problems addressed by Jim and his staff range from routine to complex.

They can resolve communication problems and paperwork glitches, or they can bring a problem to the attention of the appropriate government ministry.

Some of the issues dealt with in an MPPs office include include:

  • Certificates and Greetings from the Province of Ontario for special events
  • Information on bills before the Legislature
  • Help cutting through provincial red tape
  • Birth Certificate inquiries
  • GAINS (tax credits for disabled persons and seniors)
  • Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)
  • Education issues
  • Family benefits
  • Family services
  • Family Responsibility Office
  • Ontario Works
  • Seniors Issues
  • Health care
  • Small Business Issues
  • Transportation
  • Preparation and distribution of petitions for the Ontario Legislature
  • Information on provincial government programs

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