VIDEO: Hydro Bills Going Up as Liberals Ignore Bloated Pensions

(October 30, 2014) The Liberal government had no answer for Ontario PC Interim Leader Jim Wilson who asked how much more hydro bills will go up to pay for their inability to manage unsustainable pensions at provincial energy agencies.

"We all know these pensions are far from sustainable and despite your constant promises you've actually done nothing to fix them. And now hydro rates are going up once again on November 1," said Wilson. "Do you really think Ontario families already struggling to pay their hydro bill should have their power cut off because you can't get rich energy sector pensions under control?"

Pension expert Jim Leech, revealed that Ontario taxpayers are contributing five dollars for every single dollar that employees contribute. The report was received by the Liberal government last March, before the provincial election, but only quietly released online on the Friday before the August long weekend.The report warned ratepayers will have to pay even higher for generous and unsustainable pensions at the agencies.

"It's been seven months since your government first saw the report and you still haven't done anything to fix these unsustainable pensions," said Wilson in the Legislature. "Instead, you signed a new collective agreement with the Electrical Safety Authority workers in May. You didn't reform their pensions and actually gave them a 2.7% annual pay increase."

The agreement contradicts the 2012 budget commitment to reform pensions.

Despite hollow words, it is clear the government has no intention of fixing these pensions to keep hydro rates under control, keep jobs in Ontario and help families keep the heat on this winter, concluded Wilson.


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