VIDEO: Ontario PCs Looking for Answers and Resignations Over Bribery Allegations

(February 23, 2015) Interim PC Leader Jim Wilson and House Leader Steve Clark called on the Premier to hold herself to the high standard expected of the Premier's Office. In the wake of the Elections Ontario report citing Gerry Lougheed Jr. and Pat Sorbara's apparent breach of provincial election law.

Wilson noted the contradictory stories of Lougheed claiming to speak on behalf of the Premier, and the Premier's office saying he spoke for himself.

"Where did he get the authority to offer Mr. Olivier a job," asked Wilson, noting the federal Liberals have already distanced themselves from Lougheed even after he raised $100,000 for them. "Why don't you do the same and demand that Mr. Lougheed Jr. resign from the Sudbury Police Services Board?"

"You could have come in and announced Ms Sorbara and Mr. Lougheed would step aside until the OPP investigation concluded," Clark told the Premier. "Instead, you have spouted ludicrous explanations for your behaviour that fall well below the dignity of the office you hold."

Clark pointed out the Premier's claim of Sorbara's conversation with Olivier taking place after he had already been informed by her that she would appoint a candidate was inconsistent with the Chief Electoral Officer's timeline. His report indicated that Sorbara's conversation with Olivier asking him to step aside or "force the Premier to move to the appointment process" took place after the Premier claimed to have already informed him of her decision to appoint another candidate.

Wilson and Clark again called on the Premier to demand the resignations of both Lougheed and Sorbara until OPP investigations are resolved.

"If a conviction is made and it is found or alleged that the Premier directed Ms Sorbara or Mr. Lougheed to have those conversations with Mr. Olivier, then the Premier should resign," said Clark.


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