VIDEO: Cap and Trade Nothing but Another Tax That Will Raise the Price of Everything

(April 13, 2015) The Liberal government's proposed cap and trade program "a carbon tax by another name", will drive up the cost of everything, Interim PC Leader Jim Wilson said today in Question Period. "This carbon tax program will raise the price of everything that Ontarians buy from a store shelf. It will raise the price of every service they use that requires any form of transportation to deliver that service," said Wilson.

Wilson noted that the plan "isn't about reducing GHG emissions; it is about taking more money from the taxpayers to fund this government's spending addiction. How much money will this scheme cost Ontario families?"

Additionally, PC Environment and Climate Change critic Lisa Thompson stated that, "the most vulnerable of Ontarians will be hurt by this tax. For those already struggling to make ends meet, it is about to get even harder. Your consultations proved just that. I was there and heard from the people of Ontario. You are ignoring them and you don't care that the people of Ontario can't afford this tax."

Finally, PC Energy Critic John Yakabuski noted that the government hasn't been able to get anything right – smart meters, wind turbines and gas plants – and wondered why the people of Ontario should trust that a cap and trade system won't be another multimillion dollar boondoggle.


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