VIDEO: Liberal Government Continues to Ignore Crisis in Long-Term Care

(June 3, 2015) Today in the Ontario Legislature, Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson continued to question the Minister of Health over what the government is doing to help a local man considered a crisis case who has been waiting months for a bed in long-term care.

"Minister, one month ago I asked you why my constituent, Mr. Jim Lees, has to wait months for a bed in a Long-Term Care facility," said Wilson. "It has been a month since I asked you that question, and yet the situation remains exactly same—still no beds; Mr. Lees is still in the same retirement home; and, he is still not receiving the care he needs."

"Minister, I will ask you the same question I asked you one month ago, will you help Mr. Lees, or is this yet another example of the health care system seniors can now expect from your Liberal government?" continued Wilson.

The question was passed to the Associate Minister of Health who refused to acknowledge the problem or address Mr. Lees' case. Wilson is concerned the issue is a systemic problem across Ontario.

"Minister, I find it troubling that this man is classified as critical – the highest priority - and yet you can't find him a long term care bed," continued Wilson. "Don't you think we might need more nursing home beds to provide the care so many seniors desperately need."

Wilson has been raising this issue with the Liberal government for close to a decade. The Liberals continue to ignore the growing crisis in long term care, forcing seniors like Mr. Lees to suffer needlessly. Mr. Wilson is committed to holding the government to account on the issue.


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