VIDEO: Wilson questions government on fire safety tool

(December 11, 2015) The Government of Ontario has created a risk-based assessment tool that communities can use to evaluate fire services but it isn't working properly, Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson said in the Ontario Legislature yesterday.

During Question Period, Wilson raised the issue with Community Safety and Correctional Services Minister Yasir Naqvi.

"This government and the Ontario fire marshal created a risk-based assessment tool for communities to use when evaluating fire services. Unfortunately, they created a tool that doesn't work," Wilson said. "This is partly because they forgot to consult firefighters—the people who actually understand what is needed to keep communities safe. The assessment tool should be able to tell a community the level of fire service they need to get the job done. Instead, the tool doesn't say anything. It produces a number—not on a scale, or on a grid; just a number that means nothing. The vagueness of the tool puts public safety at risk."

Wilson asked the government if it will put a hold on the use of the current tool, and consult firefighters and develop a tool that will keep communities safe.

"On this particular issue around risk-based assessment tools, my understanding is that the tool was created with consultation, but I have had conversations with professional firefighters, as well, about their concerns," Naqvi said. "I have committed to them that I will work with them to ensure that that assessment tool is reflective of the reality, and that it ensures that our communities, our homes and our businesses are safe at all times."

Watch the video clip to see the full exchange.


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