Wilson: Liberal cabinet must stand up to McGuinty, recall house

(Queen's Park - October 31) Liberal ministers must finally do the right thing and break ranks with Dalton McGuinty at their Cabinet meeting this afternoon by demanding that McGuinty reverse course and immediately recall the Legislature, Ontario PC House Leader Jim Wilson said today.

“For over two weeks now, many Liberals have openly and publicly questioned McGuinty’s decision to shut down the Legislature,” Wilson said. “This situation is a disgrace, and does nothing for the 600,000 unemployed Ontarians who need their elected officials back at work to help them get back to work.”

Last week, all Ontario PC Caucus members jointly signed an open letter to McGuinty demanding that he recall the Legislature. To date, the letter has gone unanswered.

Wilson called on all Liberal MPPs to make their demands publicly known by adding their names to the PC letter. “If they don’t, they’re just as guilty as McGuinty for putting a negligent government on autopilot while the province hurtles towards a potential $411-billion debt.”

Over 100 pieces of legislation died when McGuinty selfishly pulled the plug on the Legislature to avoid accountability for his government’s growing scandals. The work of Standing Committees never had the chance to even begin, including the investigations into the Liberals $1-billion gas plant seat-saver program and Ornge scandal.

“The Ontario PCs have been clear: we are ready and willing to work with the government to pass pro-growth policies and laws that would help create jobs and rein in nine years of reckless overspending,” Wilson concluded. “Now it’s time for the Liberals to immediately recall the House."


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