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VIDEO: Leadership from Premier Lacking in Sudbury Scandal

(February 26, 2015) The Premier needs to show leadership by asking high-ranking Liberals to step aside from their publicly-paid positions until OPP investigations into apparent breaches of provincial election law are concluded, said Interim Leader Jim Wilson today.

"You are degrading the reputation of every elected person," charged Wilson in reference to the Premier's refusal to ask her Deputy Chief of Staff, Pat Sorbara, to temporarily resign from her duties amidst a cloud of suspicion. He noted that when Sorbara's cousin, the former Minister of Finance, was simply named in a search warrant he said "I have no idea what the allegations are, or the facts on which they're based, but my responsibility ... is to step aside."

"Why should Pat Sorbara not be held to the same standard?" asked Wilson. "Premier, by continuing to stand by Pat Sorbara, you are embarrassing the office you hold."

Wilson also noted that by ignoring the calls for prominent Liberal fundraiser Gerry Lougheed to temporarily resign from the Greater Sudbury Police Services Board, the Premier was ignoring the Ontario Civilian Police Commission's expectations that board members have the "highest levels of honesty and integrity" and that this is "most certainly true for Board Chairs."

"While your appointee Gerry Lougheed is under two OPP investigations, his honesty and integrity are being called into question," said Wilson. "In addition to Mr. Lougheed's normal responsibilities, he has a leadership role. And Premier, you have a leadership role. Will you finally show some leadership and have Gerry Lougheed step aside?"


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