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VIDEO: Premier’s Pattern of Behaviour Let Down Ontario in Fall Legislative Session

(December 11, 2014) Premier Kathleen Wynne and her Liberal government ignored the harsh realities faced by the people of Ontario while the government focused on hiding from accountability and responsibility throughout the Fall legislative session, said interim Ontario PC Leader Jim Wilson.

"We keep hearing the Premier say she believes in transparency and accountability, but when this government is given the opportunity to back their rhetoric with action, the people of Ontario are always let down," said Wilson. "People deserve answers and accountability, not hollow words."

Wilson cited several examples that set the disappointing tone for the legislative session that concluded today, including:

• Liberals shutting down the investigation into the destruction of documents in their billion dollar gas plant scandal;
• Failing to be open or transparent about mismanagement of the failed Phase 2 MaRS project that will cost taxpayers almost $400 million;
• Turning a blind eye to the warnings and responsibilities that were ignored in the Ornge air ambulance scandal, and actually promoting the Minister who failed to provide oversight;
• Pretending that the fiscal fairy tale of a balanced budget is credible while debt, interest payments, spending and service cuts are all increasing; and
• Downplaying the impact of their dysfunctional social assistance payment system by calling it a "glitch" despite being warned of the problems previously.

"Too many empty promises and hollow words has been the trend – a trend that is truly condescending to the people of Ontario who are all affected by the actions of the government," said Wilson. "A government can only rise to the challenges faced by the people of Ontario if it truly respects them. This can only happen if a government is accountable and transparent. We're deeply disappointed in this government, but we'll continue to shine a light on their arrogance, ignorance and neglect to force them to change their ways."


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