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Liberals Have Lost the Moral Authority to Govern

(May 1, 2013) Final proof that the Liberals have put their political power ahead of getting things done for Ontarians arrived Tuesday with the latest chapter of the gas plants scandal Tuesday, PC Leader Tim Hudak, Deputy Leader Christine Elliott and PC House Leader Jim Wilson said today.

“Enough is enough,” Hudak said. “It’s clear that the Premier and her team are incapable of governing effectively. She has put the political fortunes of the Liberals ahead of the priorities of Ontarians.”

Events have now proven that the Premier doesn’t know what’s going on inside her own government – or doesn’t want to know, Elliott added. “I expected better of Premier Wynne, and I imagine Ontarians are deeply disappointed today. She didn’t apologize for this scandal nor hold anyone to account.” 

Wilson said if the Liberals get away with this now, chances are they’ll try it again. “If this is going on in just one corner of Queen’s Park, what’s happening elsewhere? The Premier didn’t even read the Cabinet authorization for this decision before signing it.”

Hudak said we can’t afford another day of this government’s flagrant abuse of taxpayers’ money for political gain. “Ontarians struggling under the Liberal-made jobs and debt crisis need a chance to express through their elected representatives if they still have confidence in this government.

“And that includes the NDP – who look the other way if enough budget money is thrown at them – and then condemn the Liberals for the gas plants scandal in their next breath.”

Hudak said the Liberals have crossed a line from incompetence to corruption. “It’s time to change the direction of Ontario by changing the team that leads our province – with a bold new plan to end reckless overspending, bring down debt – and make government more accountable.”


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