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Jim Wilson Signs Pledge To Stop The Trades Tax

stop the trades tax - march 1st 2013

(March 1, 2013) Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson has joined the fight to stop a Liberal government trades tax that will drive up costs for trades people, employers and residents throughout Ontario.


“I’ve signed the pledge to do everything I can to stop the trades tax,” said Wilson. “This tax will make almost everything more expensive, from practicing a trade to getting your hair cut or car serviced, and there’s no good reason for it.”

Today’s signing is part of a province-wide campaign that encourages MPPs to stand up for tradespeople and local residents, by signing a pledge to Stop The Trades Tax.

“On behalf of tradespeople and businesses across Ontario, I want to thank Jim Wilson for his support,” said Sean Reid, Chair of the Stop The Trades Tax Campaign. “The trades tax will drive good people out of the trades, by sticking tradespeople and employers with millions of dollars in new costs.”

Wilson signed the pledge in front of mechanics at Collingwood Toyota, one of many local businesses that will be hard hit by this new tax.

“As the MPP for Simcoe-Grey I pledge to hardworking tradespeople and residents of my riding that I will oppose any and all efforts by the Liberal government to impose a trades tax,” said Wilson.

The Liberal government is planning to force Ontario tradespeople to pay membership fees, or a trades tax, to fund its newest bureaucracy, the Ontario College of Trades this spring. It is expected that employers will start paying the tax in 2014.

The Stop The Trades Tax campaign was launched in 2011 and has grown to 31 organizations whose members represent more than 8,000 small, medium and large Ontario businesses and 130,000 skilled tradespeople across the province. The campaign is supported by tradespeople and business owners who fix our cars and roads, cut our hair, and build and renovate our homes and hospitals.vv

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